Marble stone tile is a uniquely beautiful flooring material that brings a timeless aesthetic to any home. Floor Coverings International Howard County has provided some of the benefits and maintenance requirements of marble stone tile, to help you determine if this material will work well in your space. With national buying power and a dedication to customer service, we aim to bring you a better product and flooring experience, whether you settle on marble stone tile or another one of our amazing flooring options.

Marble Stone Tile in Columbia Floor Coverings International Howard County

How is Marble Stone Tile Made?

Marble is a natural stone that actually starts out as limestone. This material, once subjected to intense levels of heat and pressure, undergoes a transformation that turns it into marble. The various minerals that exist within this type of stone will ultimately dictate the color and level of veining that appears in the marble stone. High levels of magnesium, for example, will usually result in a marble with green coloring.

Marble Stone Tile in Columbia Floor Coverings International Howard County

Benefits of Marble Tile

Perhaps marble’s most obvious benefit is the stunning beauty it brings into any room in which it is installed. This natural material is a paragon of elegance and sophistication, elevating the quality of any home it is placed in. Additionally, because marble is a natural stone it creates unique tiles, with no one piece being identical to any other. This diversity amongst the tiles creates flooring that is not only beautiful, but also distinctly different from any other homes with marble tile flooring.

Laid down as tile, marble also provides a certain level of convenience to homeowners. Should a tile be damaged, it is a simple matter to replace the single, cracked piece, as opposed to having to replace the entire floor.

Maintenance of Marble

When it comes to cleaning your marble tile, always err on the side of being too careful with it. Due to its porous nature, marble can be susceptible to water damage and scratching. Therefore, be sure to talk to one of the experts at Floor Coverings International Howard County about the available options for sealing your marble tile.

One of the biggest keys to maintaining your marble tile is to keep it dry. If anything spills, wipe it up immediately, and thoroughly dry the area when you are done. When a mess occurs that requires water to clean it, make sure to only dampen a cloth and, again, dry the space completely afterward. Avoid cleaning up messes with any type of acidic cleaner, even natural ones such as lemon juice and vinegar. Instead, use a gentle mixture of water and a pH-neutral detergent to carefully clean up your flooring.

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