unfinished hardwood flooring in Columbia, MDChoosing the right hardwood flooring for your Columbia, MD, home can seem like a difficult task. Between all the numerous styles, colors, finishes, wood species, and other options available today, the decision can be overwhelming. One of the decisions you’ll need to make when choosing a hardwood floor is deciding between prefinished and unfinished wood. Here we’ll explore the facts of unfinished hardwood, so we can hopefully make your decision easier.

Unfinished Hardwood: The Basics

When opting for unfinished wood for your floors, what that means is your contractor will complete the finishing process on-site. They will sand the planks and apply the seal at your home. Unfinished hardwood’s alternative, prefinished hardwood, is finished in a factory setting and arrives at your house ready for installation.

Benefits of Unfinished Wood Floors

One of the greatest benefits of unfinished hardwood is that it allows you a lot of creative freedom in achieving a specific look for your floors. Since the contractor finishes the wood at your home, they can work with you to either try and match the new floors to existing hardwood in your home, or accomplish a certain aesthetic you’re looking for. This includes a specific stain color, hand-scraping marks, and any particular woodcuts. Another benefit of choosing unfinished wood floors is that you don’t get any factory bevels on the sides of the planks. Prefinished wood sometimes has very small bevels on the sides that were caused by the factory finishing process. These marks are often not noticeable, but some Columbia homeowners like the idea of having an extra-smooth and even surface on their hardwood floor.

Disadvantages of Unfinished Wood Floors

Although there are some great advantages to unfinished hardwood floors, there are some downsides as well. Probably the greatest and most common is that they are much less convenient than prefinished wood. The installation process takes a lot longer, and you have to wait for the floors to fully dry and cure before you can walk on them or replace your furniture on them. This process can take days or weeks depending on the floor. Finishing the wood on-site can also expose your home to possible harsh fumes from the stains and seals.

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