Here in Columbia, MD many homeowners are choosing to opt for prefinished flooring over unfinished options; prefinished flooring’s durability, easy installation process, and good looks are great arguments for the option. In fact, some say that opting for prefinished flooring actually improves the finaprefinished hardwood flooring in columbia mdl look of your floors because sanding and sealing each board individually increases the floor’s uniformity.  If prefinished flooring sounds like the right fit for your Columbia home, read on the learn more from the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Howard County.

Prefinished or “factor finished” flooring refers to floor boards that were finished as part of the manufacturing process.  The other alternative to prefinished flooring is unfinished or “site-finished” flooring, where the flooring is finished at the time of installation.  While site-finished flooring does have its advantages, one of the biggest that it gives homeowners the ability to match existing hardwood flooring in their home well, prefinished flooring’s benefits are hard to argue against.  Not only do prefinished hardwood floors save you time in the installation process, but they also boast incredible durability.  At Floor Coverings International Howard County, serving the greater Columbia and Ellicott City areas, we work with manufacturers who have made some incredible advances in prefinished flooring technology. These options integrate hard-wearing elements like aluminum oxide to produce floors that are durable and long-lasting.  In fact, manufacturers put so much trust in their prefinishing process that most come with twenty-five year warranties.

It is hard to ignore the convenience of prefinished flooring; from this option’s durability to its uniform good looks, prefinished floors do it all.  If you’re looking for a beautiful hardwood solution with quick installation, prefinished flooring may be perfect for you and your home. Pick out your dream flooring today by contacting Floor Coverings International Howard County for a free in-home consultation and free estimate.

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