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At Floor Coverings International Howard County, we help Columbia homeowners find the right hardwood for their homes. Maple is one of the most popular hardwood options in the greater Columbia, Ellicott City, Cooksville, Clarksville, MD area. This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with its many benefits. Here is some more information about maple:

Gorgeous Simplicity

Maple is not a fussy hardwood. It is a very pale, cream hardwood with some variation between each board. There are many grades of maple with different attributes. With a smooth, subdued appearance, clear grade maple it is a common choice for modern homes. Rougher grades of maple have dark, distinct grain lines and more variation between boards. For a truly unique hardwood floor, some Columbia homeowners opt for birdseye maple. This variety features small marks that resemble little birds.

Strong and Durable

This beautiful hardwood is also prized for its strength. With a Janka hardness rating of 1,450, it is among the strongest domestic hardwoods. This makes maintenance a breeze; simply sweep and occasionally lightly mop with a damp rag. Due to its unique cellular structure, maple can be difficult to finish, which is why it comes in many pre-finished options.


Eco-conscious Marylanders often choose maple because it is locally grown and harvested. Maple is a species that is native to North America. By choosing maple, you reduce the pollution from shipping hardwood across the ocean as well as support our national economy.

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At Floor Coverings International Howard County, we are committed to working with Columbia homeowners to design their dream floors. We believe that the best way to purchase flooring is from the comfort of your home, which is why we created our mobile showroom. Simply call to book an appointment with one of our design specialists, and as soon as you know it, you will be comparing hardwood samples from the comfort of your couch. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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