While there are a multitude of different carpet styles to choose from, plush (or saxony) carpet remains a favorite for homeowners in Columbia. Plush carpet has a smooth and even surface that makes it one of the most comfortable carpeting choices for homeowners in Columbia. Your experts at Floor Coverings International Howard County have all the facts about plush carpet for you.

plush carpet Columbia

Benefits of Plush

In the world of carpet, there is nothing softer than plush. A traditional carpeting choice, it’s a highly durable carpet and will last 15 years or more with proper cleaning and maintenance. Plush will increase the comfort and warmth of your home while also adding sophistication. Level cut, its dense and uniform fibers stand at about ½ an inch high, which gives it an extra level of bounciness. Plush comes in a wide assortment of fiber types, as well as distinct colors and styles.


Best Places for Plush

Homeowners in Columbia particularly love plush in areas where they are seeking an extra touch of comfort, like the master bedroom. Areas that tend to run a little cold will benefit from the insulating advantages of plush. Parts of the home where you might entertain guests, like the living room or dining room, also profit from the luxurious feeling of plush.

plush carpet Columbia

Important Considerations

Like other even and low-cut carpets, plush tends to show vacuum marks and footmarks at a higher rate than low-pile carpets like textured or loop pile carpet. Oftentimes, heavy furniture can leave indentation or marks on plush as well. A good way to counteract this is to periodically rearrange your heavier furniture, including couches, media centers, beds, and heavy tables.

The price range for plush depends on the brand, quality, and fiber of the product. On the lower end, plush can be purchased for around $1 per square foot. Good plush can be purchased for around $2.50 to $4 per square foot, while the premium varieties run upwards of $6 per square foot.

Are you interested in having plush carpeting installed in your Columbia home? Our friendly experts at Floor Coverings International Howard County are here to help you through the entire process. Call now for a complimentary design consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. Get the comfy feeling of plush today!


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