Each commercial office is different, and thus any particular carpet may be appropriate for one Columbia office environment and inappropriate for another. Depending on a company’s needs, an office might encourage collaborative brainstorming over individual work, or a combination of both. Regardless, an office that encourages productivity and comfort is a great one and choosing the right carpet is one way to optimize any place of work.

carpet in officeFactors to Consider When Selecting an Office Carpet:

1. What type of work will be completed in the office?

Employees working at an online-marketing company might complete most of their work using computers, whereas employees at a design firm might need separate spaces for designing digitally and creating physical models. The varied needs of an office will determine what type of carpet is best.

2. Who will occupy the office?

Although sometimes forgotten, offices aren’t just for their employees. Clients, families, and even pets might visit a Columbia, MD, office, and therefore all are factors that may play into carpet choice.

3. Is the flooring both time and cost effective to maintain?

When creating a commercial office, flooring is just one part of a larger budget. One should consider both the initial price of carpet and the continuing cost to keep that carpet clean and in good condition. Some carpets are more durable than others.

Carpet Options for Your Columbia Office

Depending on the above-mentioned factors, different carpet types are better choices for office interiors than others. Carpet tiles are a great option for offices that maintain distinctively different workspaces, because this carpet style is both durable and easy to replace. Frieze carpet is another great option for offices that see a number of visitors and accommodate pets. Considered an improved version of shag carpet, frieze is soft, but can withstand heavy foot traffic and hides dirt and spills easily. Lastly, Berber carpet is an affordable option to consider when splurging on other elements of an office, such as furniture or lighting. Berber isn’t a great option for pet-friendly offices because of its knotted loop pattern, but without pets it is easy to maintain.

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