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For the most part, people come to us with a specific color or style in mind. Very few consider what the carpeting is made from, or its carpet fiber. Some homeowners choose natural wool carpets but the vast majority go with synthetic. Which oil-derived fiber is the best for your home: olefin, nylon, or polyester? Does it really matter?

Short answer: yes. Many folks are surprised to learn that carpet fiber plays a significant role in a carpet’s durability, comfort, and value. At Floor Coverings International Howard County, we carry thousands of carpeting options, and many Columbia families choose nylon.

Synthetic Carpet

columbia carpeting floorsPrior to the Second World War, wall-to-wall carpeting was an expense that few American families could afford. This was because, at the time, carpets were only produced from natural fibers like wool and cotton. In the mid 1940s, due to advancements in manufacturing and a surplus of oil, synthetic carpeting made its debut. It took the nation by storm, with many American families stapling their new synthetic carpeting onto existing hardwood floors. Today, 99% of carpeting is made from synthetic fibers.


Nylon might be the most expensive synthetic fiber material, but it is also the most widely used. This is because Columbia homeowners understand the tremendous value it provides. Nylon fibers feel soft and warm underfoot with slight bounce. It’s perfect for family rooms and bedrooms—anywhere you go barefoot.


Durable and long-lasting, nylon is the strongest type of carpet fiber. With minimal maintenance—regular vacuuming and annual steam cleaning—you can expect your carpeting to last for decades. Nylon is resistant to wear, stains, and dirt. In fact, this hardy carpet fiber is not only used in high-traffic areas of the home but also commercial applications.

Your Local Flooring Experts

The flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International Howard County work with Columbia families every day to build their dream floors. We believe that the best way to choose new carpeting is from the comfort of your home. That’s why we offer our Mobile Design Studio option. Simply make an appointment with one of our highly trained flooring design associates and we bring samples to you. Call today for your free, in-home consultation.

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