At Floor Coverings International Howard County, we help families find their dream carpeting. New wall-to-wall carpeting is a big investment, which is why many of our Columbia customers are eager for advice on maintaining their new carpets. We are proud to provide quality products as well as quality advice to homeowners in the greater Columbia, Ellicott City, Cooksville, Clarksville, MD area. Here are five tips for making sure your new carpeting stands the test of time.

carpet maintenance columbia

1. Strike a balance between comfort and durability.

With a variety of styles, colors, and materials, carpeting is one of the most versatile flooring materials out there. No two carpets are alike, but there is one common thread that links all of your carpeting options: comfort versus durability. Most carpeting is somewhere in the middle. More durable loop pile carpets will last a long time, but they will never match the comfort of cut pile carpeting. Nylon is tough and affordable—no surprise that it’s the most common carpeting material—but is not as comfortable as wool. It’s important to find a carpet that is just comfortable enough for you but is still durable enough to ensure low maintenance.

carpet maintenance columbia

2. Vacuum your carpeting.

Very few Columbians vacuum their carpets the amount recommended by the experts: weekly. Vacuuming is essential not just for removing dirt and grime from your carpeting but also to remove grit that could lead to future damage.

carpet maintenance columbia

3. Opt for annual steam cleaning.

Most home improvement stores offer steam cleaner rentals, but a professional steam cleaning is well worth the investment because of the years it adds to your carpeting. Steam cleaning removes dirt and other outside materials from deep within your carpet’s fibers—places where the vacuum can’t reach!

carpet maintenance columbia

4. Make sure your pets are carpet-safe.

Pets are valued members of the family, but they pose unique challenges to carpet maintenance. Be sure to regularly brush your dog or cat to help cut down on shedding. It’s also important to trim canine nails to prevent them from damaging carpeting.

carpet maintenance columbia

5. Take off your shoes.

This may seem obvious, but many Columbia households are lax with this rule. Shoes protect our feet from the outdoors, and when we wear them indoors, we bring the outside inside.

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